O3 Options In-Depth Advanced Spreads

Options spreads are very powerful techniques when combined with good understanding of volatility can be used to form very low risk and high probability trades. Market does not always go straight up or straight down, It spends most of the time consolidating sideways. Selling spreads and collecting premium lets one sit on the trade during […]

O2 Options In-Depth Popular Spreads

Option Spreads are very important to understand and master and in this course, we will take a deep dive into the most common and popular option spreads, understand the principles of those spreads and in-depth look at when to use what kind of spreads depending on th volatility and the confidence in the trade. 01 […]

O1 Options In-Depth Essentials

This course helps understand various components of an option contract and how Option prices change with underlying stock price movements. This also discusses single leg option strategies like Calls and Puts. It also discusses Bullish and Bearish strategies. It covers below topics 01 | Components of option contract 02 | Types of option contract (Call […]