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Eagle Academy is a completely free resource available for even the most knowledgeable traders. Check out the free sections related to introductions, portfolio and risk management, market analysis, technical analysis, day trading, option trading, and more!

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Welcome to Eagle Investors Infinity eLearning Platform On Wednesday there will be an evening stream focused on educational content On Thursday make sure to complete the comprehension activities found in the Infinity eLearning system Learn more about the Eagle Infinity Program Here

S3 Stocks Technical Analysis – Indicators and Studies

This Course gives a very in-depth walk through of the most important Technical Studies or indicators that will help in determining the momentum, overbought, oversold conditions, major support and resistance, identifying the correct trend and help in avoiding getting shaken off the positions by not so real moves MACD Ichimoku cloud Pivot Points TTM Squeeze VWAP […]

S2 Stocks Technical Analysis – Chart Patterns and Drawings

This course will go through various Chart patterns and technical drawings that are different for each stock and how to draw them correctly on chart and How to use them to identify price patterns, peoples sentiment. It also discusses in depth all the calculations for the price targets when the identified chart patterns break to […]

S4 Stocks Technical Analysis – Internals & Advanced Scanners

This course offers a very broad understanding on Market, various market sectors. It helps you decide whether trading market indices is better or individual stocks are better for specific trading style. Various Market Internals to understand big moves ahead Major Indices vs Individual Stocks Market Sectors Relative Strength of the stock versus sector or Index […]

S1 Stocks Technical Analysis Essentials

Learn technical analysis of stocks to help with making better entries and exits, find resistances and supports This course offers stock traders a full in-depth walk-through of various elements of technical analysis of stocks.  This course will help use the historical price and volumes of a stock plotted on a chart to predict the future […]

O3 Options In-Depth Advanced Spreads

Options spreads are very powerful techniques when combined with good understanding of volatility can be used to form very low risk and high probability trades. Market does not always go straight up or straight down, It spends most of the time consolidating sideways. Selling spreads and collecting premium lets one sit on the trade during […]

O2 Options In-Depth Popular Spreads

Option Spreads are very important to understand and master and in this course, we will take a deep dive into the most common and popular option spreads, understand the principles of those spreads and in-depth look at when to use what kind of spreads depending on th volatility and the confidence in the trade. 01 […]