O3 Options In-Depth Advanced Spreads

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Options spreads are very powerful techniques when combined with good understanding of volatility can be used to form very low risk and high probability trades. Market does not always go straight up or straight down, It spends most of the time consolidating sideways. Selling spreads and collecting premium lets one sit on the trade during the consolidation phase of market.

Taking stocks into earnings is very risky and so options spread strategies like risk reversal will help hedge against any down move. The complex strategies also help play some leverage to upside without putting a lot of money on the table.

Option LEAPS helps play to upside with minimal investment. Option flow analysis helps identify what big players are playing and understand levels they have in mind. All these and more is covered in this course

01 | Selling call and put spreads
02 | Iron Condors ànd Iron flys
03 | Unbalanced butterfly
04 | Risk reversals
05 | Delta neutral and IV reversion strategies
06 | Earning play strategies
07 | Hedging stocks with options
08 | Option LEAPS
09 | Option flow analysis
10 |Common mistakes &Best practices