S2 Stocks Technical Analysis – Chart Patterns and Drawings

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This course will go through various Chart patterns and technical drawings that are different for each stock and how to draw them correctly on chart and How to use them to identify price patterns, peoples sentiment. It also discusses in depth all the calculations for the price targets when the identified chart patterns break to downside or upside

These chart patterns are very common in intraday or longer time frame charts so understanding these concepts will help calculate price targets and entry exits.

  • Trendlines and Channels
  • Consolidation Triangles (Symmetric, Ascending and Descending)
  • Trend continuation (Pennants and Flags) Time frames for different types of trading
  • Head and Shoulder (simple and complex)
  • Cup and handle
  • Broadening formations
  • Dead cat bounce
  • Double, Trippe bottoms and tops
  • Fibonacci Ratios, Retracements
  • Fibonacci Extensions,
  • Fibonacci Arcs, Fans, Spirals
  • Fibonacci Time ratios and Extensions
  • Best Practices