We want to make sure you can stay in-control of your investments. But that means you need to understand what Eagle Investors is and isn’t. We are NOT a mutual fund or investment manager, though our verified Traders do have experience with these sorts of funds. What we are is a community led by experienced traders, who want you to know where they’re putting their money, and how you can do the same.

Most Important FAQs

Discord is a digital communication platform similar to Skype. It includes “channels” which act as chat rooms. These channels are how Eagle Investors provides our lucrative trade alerts, as well as a community space to discuss investing.

You’re not just paying for a Discord server. You’re paying for trading alerts. These let you know exactly when/where our certified traders are putting their money, so you can follow their lead.

Please login to your account and go to the My Account –> Subscriptions and cancel your subscription there or directly go to this link –  https://eagle-investors.com/my-account/subscriptions/ and cancel your subscription there.

Please change your payment method by logging in and going to the My Account —> Payment Methods. It’s also found here – https://eagle-investors.com/my-account/payment-methods/

With thousands of inexperienced investors joining the market, there’s more people than ever investing. However, in this commission-free environment, the average investor is losing money because they’re not an expert. Eagle Investors keeps you one-step-ahead of these newbies.

There are multiple professional traders at Eagle Investors who provide their real time moves in the market. Equity and Option Trades are posted in the Server specifically labeled for verified alerts. Eagle Investors averages 33 weekly trades since inception.

Join our Server and start chatting with our professional traders instantly. If you have any questions feel free to contact a Lead Moderator at any time.

The internet is filled with a massive amount of knowledge, however it is often scattered and unorganized. It is hard to find those willing to be transparent and help, especially when it comes to trading. Eagle Investors offers comprehensive options education and options chain software designed to help anyone understand how the best in the world profit using options. 

Our historical trade performance can be found here

Important to invest in yourself and education.