Friday, April 30, Market Recap

Good Evening,

Today, April 29…

The DJIA fell 0.53%
The S&P 500 was down 0.72%
The Nasdaq Composite slipped 0.85%

Tech led the market today.

General Market Review


The European Commission accused Apple of antitrust after its music rival, Spotify, complained. Apple stock fell 1.51%. reported better-than-expected earnings as sales rose 44% for the year and had positive guidance for next quarter. stock slipped 0.11%.


Oil stocks fell as prices lowered due to Covid infections in India hindering oil crude demand. ExxonMobil topped estimates for first-quarter results, as oil prices rose during first quarter. Exxon fell over 2%. Chevron missed on earnings and fell more than 3%.

Economic Data

The price consumption index rose 0.5% for the month of March as inflation increased after the Fed decided not change rates.

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