Love it or hate it, long gone are those days when you need to grab a newspaper and highlighter just to identify the current stock market trends. As millennials heavily rely on technology and social media, there is no denying that they changed the world of trading in more ways than one. And sooner or later, it is expected that even professionals investors will also experience the same effects.
A younger brood of investors has finally mustered the courage to join the stock market after witnessing the effects of the latest recession on their parents. The only difference is that instead of tuning on to the TV or checking the Wall Street Journal, they use social media and the ever-changing technology to engage with brokers and seek their advice.
So, how do social media impact millennials and their investing decisions?

Sharing is Caring for the Millennials

Millennials are getting a bad rap because people see them as a pampered generation. However, they just happen to love sharing everything on social media. They grew up in a world where it is normal to share content, from articles to images, status updates and videos. This habit also has a significant effect on trading and investing.

With content sharing a staple part of millennials’ lives, most companies and trading platforms today prioritize content, specifically videos. Once the millennials share these videos, it will drive more traffic to their site. It allows the companies to add a more enticing call to action or improve brand familiarity.

Millennials Value Relationships

Back in the days, investors didn’t bother with forming relationships with their trading partners. However, things have changed. The moment people experienced technology and social media, they craved for more. As far as trading is concerned, it means that the younger generation of investors want relationships.

Most of today’s young customers, with traders included, are more likely to stay loyal to brands and companies that are updated with technology, such as the use of the different social media platforms.

Fast and Easy is How Millennials Want It

Millennials are known for their ability to multitask. They don’t really care much about doing extensive research and spending their time searching for answers for all questions they have. They were conditioned to have the things they need right at the tips of their fingers that a lengthy search process is a serious turnoff for them.

Although there are financially savvy millennials who still seek out professional advice or annual reports before they choose the stocks to invest in, many of them prefer something easy and quick. This is exactly what social investing platforms can offer and all of these are accessible for them through their smartphone.

Stock Market Investing is Now Going Social

There is no denying that millennials will continue to see changes and create changes to make their lives easier and simpler. And while there are still a lot of things that might happen along the way, one thing is for sure – the young stock market investors will continue to seek ways to change things for the better.