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Ishaan is a seasoned professional with an eleven-year track record in stock and commodities markets. He believes that thorough research, technical analysis and thoughtful trading are the key skills needed to become a successful investor. Ishaan’s expertise spans various sectors and strategies:

Investing – Active & Passive Investing
Day Trading & Scalping – Active Trading
Swing Trading
(Options, Stocks and More) – Active Trading
Buying Option Premium – Intraday, Multi-Day & Leaps
Selling Premium & Multi-Leg Option Strategies – Speculation + Hedging

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Eagle Ultimate

8 Hours of 1on1 Sessions
1 Year of Premium ($670)
All Inclusive Package
8 Hours of Trading Tutor or
8 Hours of Advising


$1,827 for Members

Investment Advising

3 Hours of 1on1 Sessions
3 Months of Premium
Can Include:
Setup Tax Advantaged Account
Learn How To Invest
Financial Plan Creation


$786 for Members

Trading Tutor

3 Hours of 1on1 Sessions
3 Months of Premium
Can Include:
Learn to day trade/swing trade + options trade
Tune your trading strategy


$786 for Members

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