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    Soaring with Confidence: Risk Tolerance Assessment at Eagle Investors

    Welcome to Eagle Investors! We believe informed decisions lead to successful journeys. This Risk Tolerance Assessment will help us tailor an investment strategy that aligns with your financial goals and comfort level for risk.
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    Understanding Your Risk Tolerance: At Eagle Investors, we view risk tolerance as a spectrum. Imagine yourself as an eagle soaring through different air currents. Some prefer the calm thermals for a smooth ride, while others relish the challenge of navigating stronger updrafts for a more exhilarating flight.

    Please answer the following questions honestly to help us understand your risk tolerance: Investment Time Horizon: What is your most common Time Horizon when entering a position?
    Very Short-Term (Less than 1 year)Short-term (Less than 3 years)Medium-term (3-7 years)Long-term (7+ years)None – New Trader

    Age Range:

    Risk Tolerance: How comfortable are you with potential fluctuations in your investment
    Risky Eagle: I welcome potential for higher returns even if it means significant short-term fluctuations.Soaring Eagle: I can tolerate some ups and downs, but I prioritize long-term growth over excessive risk.Steady Eagle: I prefer stability and minimizing fluctuations in value, even if it means lower potential returns.

    Investment Experience:
    I am a first-time investor.I have some experience, but I consider myself a beginnerI have a moderate amount of investment experience.I am an experienced investor.

    Financial Goals: What are you hoping to achieve with your portfolio?
    Retirement SavingsEducation FundHealthcare FundCapital PreservationSpecuationGrowth

    Navigating Turbulence: How would you react if your investments experienced a short-term loss (e.g., within a year)?
    Very comfortable, I understand this is part of the investment process.Somewhat comfortable, I would expect some recovery over timeNot comfortable, I would be concerned about losing my principal.Very uncomfortable, I would need to adjust my investment strategy immediately.
    Building Your Personalized Flight Plan: The Eagle Investor Client Profile
    Once you’ve completed this assessment, our team will use your answers to craft your personalized Client Profile. This profile will be your roadmap to a successful investment journey.

    The Client Profile will typically include:

    Risk Tolerance Summary: A recap of your risk tolerance assessment.
    Investment Objectives: A detailed breakdown of your financial goals and how your investments will help you achieve them.
    Investment Time Horizon: Reiterates your investment timeframe.
    Risk Capacity: An analysis of your financial situation to determine how much risk you can comfortably take on.
    Investment Restrictions: Any limitations on your investment options, such as ethical considerations or preferred asset classes.
    Soaring Strategy: Our recommended asset allocation for your portfolio, outlining the percentage invested in different asset classes (e.g., stocks, bonds, cash) based on your risk tolerance and goals.
    Charting Your Course: A schedule for regular reviews to monitor your progress and adjust your strategy as needed.
    At Eagle Investors, we believe clear communication is key. We will work with you to ensure you understand your Client Profile and feel confident navigating the investment landscape. Together, we’ll help you reach your financial goals and soar towards a secure future!